News is a reliable source for chiropractic information. Here we provide tips on choosing a chiropractor, best chiropractor practises, what you can do yourself at home and much more useful information. Before moving on let's talk about Dr. Foland and explain him and his facility.

It's conveniently located in Mandarin FL, the staff at Foland Chiropractic & Spa, Inc. are dedicated to helping people like you achieve their overall wellness objectives. In practice for 11 years as both a chiropractor and a nutritionist, Dr. Bill Foland is committed to educating you to be the best version of yourself possible through balanced health from the inside out. You know you are receiving only the finest care in a specialized chiropractic office with a physician who truly cares for you and your overall well being when you seek treatment at Foland Chiropractic & Spa, Inc. with Dr. Bill Foland.

When you need help most, call the chiropractor who cares. Call Dr. Bill Foland at Foland Chiropractic & Spa, Inc. You've only got one body. Treat it right. For more information on Dr. Foland read about his chiropractic care and learn on car accidents chiropractor service.

Top Back Pain, Neck Pain and Car Accident Chiropractors in Florida

When you’re experiencing intense back pain, who wants to start looking through hundreds of chiropractors and try to weed out who is in your area and who specializes in what?  To make things easier for you we’ll try to narrow that down for you with this list of the best back pain chiropractors in Florida.

Neck pain headaches can also be alleviated and/or prevented by regular visits to a chiropractor.  A proper spine alignment could be all you need to prevent neck pain headaches from cropping up at the most inconvenient time.  Use the links below, in alphabetical order, to facilitate your search.

Dr. Bill Foland, although serving the Jacksonville area, is interested in making sure that back pain needs are met throughout all of Florida.  In the interest of making Florida pain free, he has created this list of Florida chiropractors for your convenience.

Jacksonville Chiropractor - Foland Chiro

Meet Dr. Bill Foland, a family man devoted to helping people.   He’s a graduate of Life University with an active practice for over eleven years.  He focuses on overall wellness with an additional BS degree from Science in Nutritional Studies from Life University.

This practice specializes in a variety of wellness techniques with the motto, “Life is Better with a Healthy Spine.”   

The helpful staff at Foland Chiropractic & Spa, Inc. are devoted to helping you achieve your wellness objectives.  He works with his patients one-on-one to ensure they understand the true principles of chiropractic wellness care.

Miami Brickell Family Chiropractic

Brickell Family Chiropractic also uses state of the art equipment for the back pain spinal correction.  They provide several different chiropractic services at their Miami location, and can get to the root cause of your neck pain headache.

Miami  Doctor 305

Another Miami clinic to remember is Doctor 305 – strong advocates of the best drug free life by getting to the root of your problem.  Their hands-on approach is always welcoming.  Now you’ll be able to get back to work free from both drugs and pain!

Orlando - Orlando ChiropractoR

The specialists here make sure that the root of your pain is addressed so as to keep off those nasty painkillers.  Additionally, their suggestions for treatment can possible keep you from invasive surgery!

Orlando Pavlik Chiropractic

Pavlik Chiropractic specializes in holistic wellness with advanced spinal correction.  They possess advanced state of the art equipment for a proper diagnosis.

Tallahassee Magnolia Chiropractic

Magnolia Chiropractic scores among with the best in Tallahassee.  With specialists having over 30 years experience in the field, this clinic is highly trusted.  In addition to hands-on therapy, they provide their patients with valuable information to ensure  better overall health.

Tallahassee Tallahassee Spine Center

If you want to avoid surgery, visit Tallahassee Spine Center to address your neck pain headaches or back pain.  Every patent is an individual here, and they are dedicated to serving personal care, addressing each case with the correct diagnosis.

Tampa Bay City Chiropractic

Bay City Chiropractic specializes in auto accident injuries, including back pain, neck pain headaches, sciatic, as well as sports injuries. 

Tampa - Caez Chiropractic

Caez Chiropractic has a refreshing look on overall health and wellbeing.  They are great with holistic treatment, and believers in keeping the body healthy enough to prevent sickness and injuries.  Rather spend a hour at the chiropractor or a week being sick?  Makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

As a rule chiropractors believe in overall wellness to ensure pain free recovery with a drug free lifestyle.  We hope that this list of the best chiropractors in Florida has been helpful in steering you to the fast pain alleviation available.